“A superbly qualified scholar thoroughly deconstructs the tortured story behind the rebuilding of the World Trade Center complex…Sagalyn keeps the many strands of this story expertly in hand…Sagalyn has produced a definitive history and an urban studies classic.”

– Kirkus (starred review)

“Lynne Sagalyn has produced a classic. Power at Ground Zero is so comprehensive, so thoroughly researched, and so persuasively argued that it will remain the standard work on the rebuilding of lower Manhattan for decades. Never in human history have so many people focused so much money and attention on so small an area. But what an area, and what a story. Professor Sagalyn tells it warts and all. Bravo.”

– Kenneth T. Jackson, Editor in Chief, The Encyclopedia of New York City, and President Emeritus, The New York Historical Society

“Anyone interested in the rebuilding of the World Trade Center after 9/11 will find this compelling. But beyond that, Lynne Sagalyn provides a sophisticated analysis of the often conflicting demands of real estate, government, finance, media and public sentiment that affect planning and development in our urban centers. Her book will be alongside The Power Broker as a guide for current and future generations’ policy makers and practitioners.”

– Carl Weisbrod, Chairman, New York City Planning Commission

“Lynne Sagalyn’s Power at Ground Zero offers a blow-by-blow account of an only-in-New York real estate saga, as she chronicles the forces that transformed the site of Manhattan’s greatest tragedy into its biggest development opportunity.”

– Inga Saffron, Architecture Critic, The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Never has so much complexity and emotion been packed into one 16-acre site. Lynne Sagalyn unpacks it brilliantly, at great depth without ever losing sight of the big, important themes.”

– Daniel L. Doctoroff, CEO, Sidewalk Labs, Former Deputy Mayor for Economic Development and Rebuilding, New York City